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Apple's Adware Problem

Apple fails to inform iOS users which apps in the App Store contain adware, and this is resulting in a negative user experience.

Collecting Entire Certificate Transparency Logs By Top Level Domain

Certificate Transparency logs are a public record of all HTTPS enabled domains. Here's how to produce a complete list by TLD.

Jersey's Closed-source Official Government ID

In a major privacy and security blunder, the States of Jersey outsourced official government digital IDs to proprietary mobile apps with secret source code.

How To Install Pi-hole On Your Turris Omnia Router

Protect every device on your network by installing an ad-blocker on your router.

Photos From The Top Of La Collette Chimney

See views of Jersey's south coast from high above Saint Helier

Faster And More Accurate Analytics With GoAccess

Take your website's analytics to the next level by automating hourly reports and block "Referer spam".

Jersey's Incomplete FOI Disclosure Log

Find out why hundreds of FOI responses are missing from the disclosure log on the States of Jersey website.

The States of Windows XP

Jersey's government confirms it still uses Windows XP for some sensitive tasks

Install ownCloud 9 on Ubuntu 16.04 Server

It's not officially supported yet but works very well with PHP 7 and other packages in the new LTS version of Ubuntu

Digital Skill Swap

A place to teach and learn new digital skills