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Local Websites Handling User Data Are Failing To Protect Logins

Some well-known local websites lack secure connections and have left end-users vulnerable.

Time For Jersey's Mobile Carriers To Fix The Google Play Issue

Jersey's mobile operators should start providing this simple workaround and resolve the Google Play problem on Android immediately.

How To Avoid SSL Certificate Mismatch Errors When Redirecting Multiple Virtual Hosts

Because the SSL protocol encapsulates HTTP traffic, adding or removing the 'www' subdomain must be done correctly.

Alamy Hosts Ex-Contributor Images Long After Contract Expiry

The stock photography agency Alamy stores ex-contributor images indefinitely, despite a 45-day contractual limit. They even host and continue to serve them publicly online.

Jersey's E-Government Strategy is to Completely Ignore Open Source

The States of Jersey have decided to outsource e-government to local companies using proprietary software. This is a huge missed opportunity.

JerseyMail Account Recovery after the Heartbleed Bug

Hundreds of JerseyMail users had their account credentials compromised and need to take additional steps to secure connected accounts.

CIAS Rescue Plane Crash

Public Domain photos of the Channel Islands AirSearch rescue plane which crashed 3rd November in St Mary, Jersey.

Free Website + Domain Name for Channel Islands Charities

If you are a registered charity, non-profit, or other good cause, Island Networks will give you a free domain name.

DIY Internet Filtering vs. States of Jersey Censorship Law

OpenDNS plus a dash of common sense, versus busybody politicians. Which side will prevail?