About Me

Howdy. I'm an American living on the beautiful Island of Jersey. I do IT consulting, stock photography, the occasional blog post, plus whatever else my lovely wife tells me to.

I am a member or supporter of a number of local charities and nonprofits including Driving for the Disabled, Jersey Fertility Support, The Glass Rainbow Trust, and the Channel Islands Occupation Society.

Visit one of my other websites below and feel free to contact me if you like. You can reach me on the phone at +44 7700 333 524, or by email at tom at tom brossman dot com.

I prefer encrypted email and my PGP key's fingerprint is A2E7 569F 2E3F E82E AD41 F9F0 1D49 85F6 7DF1 2D62.

Responsive Websites, IT Support, and Cloud Services for Small Businesses and Individuals.

Photos. Mostly Jersey, but if I get some good pictures off-island I include them too.

About this site

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