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JT's Data Caps Make Fibre a Bad Deal for Users

Taxpayer-funded Fibre network has stupidly low data limits. It makes no sense to upgrade to these speeds if you can't use them.

Google Play, UK VAT, and Jersey: A Tale of Incompetence

Google tries to figure out UK VAT, Jersey GST, and what exactly a 'Bailiwick' is. It doesn't end well.

How To Remove Record Company Required Metadata From Music Files

Unique tracking code is inserted into audio files when you purchase music from iTunes and Amazon. This provides no benefit to you and is a privacy risk. Be safe and just remove it.

Buying Tyres Online from Jersey (or anything else, for that matter)

Shops here range from 'enlightened' to 'I'm not even on dial-up yet'. Some will go flat broke. I name a couple of the good ones.

It's Time to Open Up the Bus Timetables in Jersey

Jersey's outgoing bus operator won't make timetable data available in an open format, and the new one might not either.

German Bunker At Val de la Mare

I visit a unique 6-turret heavy machine gun bunker at Val de la Mare.

Skipton Open Studios 2012

Jersey artists show off their work in shipping containers in town and in workshops around the island.

German Bunkers at Les Landes: Battery Moltke

I visit a big bunker complex and tunnels by the racetrack at Les Landes.

German Bunkers at Corbière: M19 Fortress Mortar

I visit an impressive sounding 'Automatic Fortress Mortar' and am not disappointed.

German Bunkers at Corbière: 10.5cm Coastal Defence Gun

I visit a big gun bunker guarding the south end of St Ouen's Bay. Part of Strongpoint Corbiere.