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Avoid JT Broadband Overage Fees

Don't pay JT extra for something that every other ISP here includes for free.

CIOS Walk at Blanches Banques

A rare guided tour of the remains of the WW1 camp built by the British for German POWs.

ASUS Linux Support: Stall, then Ignore

ASUS claims they don't 'formally support' Linux on their hardware. I explain why this is utter nonsense.

Millbrook Bunker

A tour of the anti-tank gun bunker next to the Old Station Cafe at Millbrook.

German Bunkers At Noirmont Point

I visit the giant bunkers of Battery Lothringen at Noirmont Point. Several times. I'm going back again and so should you.

Seymour Tower Walk

Jersey Walk Adventures take us on a guided walk out to the tower at a very low tide. I take lots of photos.

Faulkner Fisheries Tour

Did you know you could go inside this bunker at the north end of St Ouen's Bay? Go inside with me and check out all the seafood.

Westmount Quarry Pre-Demolition

Westmount Quarry is about to be completely demolished. I go in and take photos before it is all gone forever.

How To Drive Away A Happy Customer

Some companies are happy to take your money. Others have not mastered this yet and so I spend my money elsewhere.

HMS Iron Duke Visits Jersey

The British Navy's warship makes its first visit to Jersey and we all get a tour. Very cool.